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Triple Crown Breakers

 Welcome to  Triple Crown Breakers!  We are 3  brothers who have been collectors of  sports cards and sports memorabilia  since childhood.  Our passion for  collecting has grown into our  adulthood. The love for opening packs of  cards is as thrilling as  getting that monster hit! We have been  involved and participated on  hundreds of live breaks with the leaders  and individuals of the live  breaks community. Our goal is to bring the  hottest products to you!  Please join our Facebook fan page to keep up  with us on the daily! Hope  to see you at the next live break!  

Mark- @markakabrownguy

The brother in law. "I've been an avid baseball card collector since I was 4 years old. My passion for the hobby has evolved to my adult life. If I'm not participating in live breaks, I enjoy my casual time with my family and friends. I enjoy watching my favorite teams live and on TV. Angels, Vikings and the Lakers! My PC is Mike Trout, Adam Thielen, Adrian Peterson, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.  There's nothing like opening a pack of cards!"


Seth is the middle child of triplet brothers. His love for basketball (Lakers) and football (49ers) has his personal collection up to the roof! On his spare time he enjoys getting swole at the gym, watching the Lake show and cheering for his 49ers. Seth's work ethic is much like his card collection and work out routine, Insane!

Jacob- @triplxpower1982

The oldest of the triplets, Jacob's collection of hobby cards has him visiting the local Hobby card shop weekly. If hes not opening packs, he enjoys hiking, fishing and chillen' watching the Lakers and the 49ers. His priced possession in his collection is a Tom Brady 1 0f 1 Impeccable with an enclosed gold bar. He calls it  "his baby".  On his off time he enjoys taking his 2016 corvette for a joy ride with his car club.




We do not keep a schedule of breaks. All breaks will occur after they  are full.  When Pick Your Team (PYT) breaks are nearly full, we usually  run a random team filler to sell the unsold teams from the break.

  • PYT Filler Details: We  typically combine the top team in the product with the unsold teams  from the break and create a filler which you can join in the live stream  chat.  


We are fast shippers! just check out our eBay reviews!  We do our best to ship out the next business day! We always provide tracking, so you know where exactly your product is!

All  packages will be shipped to the address you have entered in your  account on our website – if paying with PayPal, your PayPal mailing  address MUST match the address in your website account.  Once we have  shipped a package to you, your shipping address will be saved in our  address book. 

**IF YOU CHANGE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS at any time, you must notify us of this change by sending an email to**  

Free  Domestic/International United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class  Shipping with Tracking is included with all Group Break purchases –  INSURANCE IS NOT INCLUDED!!

Shipping Upgrades & Insurance

If  you would like to pay to upgrade your package to Priority Mail and/or  require a signature on your package and/or would like to add Insurance  on your package, please e-mail with  your request.  If you are requesting insurance, please indicate the  amount of insurance you would like to add when you email. The following  rates will apply for insured packages:

(Insured Amount – Your Cost)

  • $100 - $2.50
  • $200 - $3.15
  • $300 - $4.15
  • $400 - $5.20
  • $500 - $6.30
  • $600 - $8.50
  • $700 - $9.70
  • $800 - $10.85
  • $900 - $12.00
  • $1000 - $13.20
  • $1100 - $14.35
  • $1200 - $15.50
  • $1300 - $16.70
  • $1400 - $17.85
  • $1500 - $19.00

 In the event you need to insure a package for more than $1,500, please ask for a quote.


We  SRONGLY RECOMMEND upgrading to USPS Priority Mail for ALL International  Shipments.  An International Small Flat Rate Box (approx. $30-$35 USD)  can usually fit most regular shipments.  UPS/FedEx shipments can be  accommodated upon request, however, you must cover the cost of the  shipment and it can become very expensive depending on your location. 

If you would like to pay to upgrade to USPS Priority or request a UPS/FedEx shipment, please send an email to:

Please note:

  • Once the USPS accepts a package from us, we can not control the speed of delivery.
  • Once you receive your tracking number, if you have any questions  regarding the status/movement/tracking of your package please call the  USPS at 1 (800) 275-8777.
  • We are not responsible for packages that become lost while in the possession of the USPS

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Our current Giveaways

Past Giveaways

topps five star baseball giveaway

Congrats to @jts_sportscards on instagram for following the Giveaway rules. He won a 2019 Topps Fivestar Hobby box priced at $150.

Congrats to @piratesgraphs_412 on winning our second giveaway! He won a 2019 Origins Hobby Box valued at $140.

Congrats to @Shaffinali786 on winning a brand new Lenovo Laptop valued at $250

Giveaway after each break!

sports cards breaks giveaway

At the end of every break, One participant will have the opportunity to win cash. break credits, boxes and many more. The more you buy into a break, the better chance you have!



Some Preview on our future giveaways.

*Brand New Laptop valued at $250

*5 Mega Boxes, 1 blaster box

*$25 Break Credit towards a future break 

*And many more to come!!!

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